Say Goodbye to Your Outdated Wallpaper

Improve your home with wallpaper removal services in Lufkin or Hudson, TX

Wallpaper can be a nightmare to remove. You can save yourself a headache by hiring the team at J&R Affordable Painting. Our experienced contractors complete thorough wallpaper removal services for homes and businesses in Lufkin & Hudson, TX.

We'll use special techniques to loosen your wallpaper first, to make the process quick and efficient. You can rest assured that our contractors will totally remove your old wallpaper without leaving any glue behind.

Email us now to discuss when you need our team for wallpaper removal services.

Have fresh, clean walls to paint

When we're done with your wallpaper removal, you'll be left with smooth, wallpaper-free walls. We'll even paint over any marks left by the wallpaper glue if it affects the look of your walls.

Our contractors will complete your wallpaper removal services by:

Steaming the wallpaper to loosen the glue

Perforating the wallpaper carefully with a specialized tool

Removing the wallpaper from every inch of your walls

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